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Body Massage

A whole-body hands-on treatment that helps you relax.

Benefits of Body Massage

1. Stress relief is one of the first benefits that comes to mind when thinking about massage therapy.

It is also an important part of a person's attempt to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Clinical studies have shown that even a half-hour massage can significantly reduce heart rate, cortisol levels and insulin levels, which help reduce stress through massage therapy.

2. lead to lasting feelings of relaxation, lowered stress and improved mood.
3. Massage can relax and loosen the muscles that cause pain from poor posture
4. The long-term effects of massage therapy deeper than the skin.
5. Massage therapy is a good way to maintain and improve flexibility and movement therapy.
6. Massage can naturally increase the immune system's ability to kill

Body Massage Price



Buy 10 Times Back 60mins at once
Buy 10 Times Back 90mins at once


30mins Foot + 30mins Body
60mins Foot + 30mins Body
60mins Body + 30mins Foot
60mins Body + 60mins Foot