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Cupping can make the body's qi and blood run more smoothly, and the body will feel more comfortable after cupping, thus achieving the effect of reducing human stress.

Benefits of Cupping

What are the benefits of Chinese medicine cupping?
Cupping is mainly done by using a jar as a tool and then lowering the negative pressure inside the jar by pumping air or then, etc., so that the jar can stay on the human body surface, thus achieving the effects of moving qi and blood, dispelling wind and dispersing cold, etc. In addition to the benefits of cupping, there are of course many precautions to take, so let’s learn more about them below.
What are the benefits of cupping?

1. Warming effect

Cupping has a certain warming effect on the skin at the cupping area, and the warming effect of fire cupping is more obvious than that of gas cupping.

2. Decompression effect
3. Regulate the balance of yin and yang in the body
4. Drain the meridians
5. Harmonize the internal organs
6. Pain relief
7. PWeight loss

Cupping Price